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Thank you for visiting the research web site of Robert A. Klips, Ph.D.

I am an Associate Professor of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at the Ohio State University– Marion. The Marion campus, located about 45 miles north of the main campus in Columbus, is a co-located campus with Marion Technical College. The Marion campus encompasses 8 buildings on 186 acres which includes a reconstructed tallgrass prairie. Together, the two schools serve the higher education needs of an estimated 3250 to 4000 students per semester. I teach introductory general biology classes for both majors and non-majors.

As a plant biologist specializing in plant reproductive ecology, I maintain a research program that combines field botany and molecular approaches to elucidate patterns of gene flow both in flowering plants and bryophytes. Moreover, I have an interest in the restoration of tallgrass prairie in central Ohio. Accordingly, there are opportunities for student involvement in research, either as a graduate student, or advanced undergraduate. If you have an interest in this, feel free to contact me at klips.1@osu.edu.

Reproductive Ecology

milkweed pollination study

My projects involving Reproductive Ecology are the following:

  • Pollinator visitation to co-occurring milkweed species
  • DNA microsatellite analysis of milkweed pollen transfer
  • Milkweed hybridization and introgression
  • Physcomitrium moss mating system and population genetics

Focal publications and presentations in reproductive ecology include the following.

Klips, R.A. 2013. DNA microsatellite analysis of sporophytes of the annual moss Physcomitrium pyriforme reveals a predominantly self-fertilizing mating pattern. Poster session presented at Botany 2013. Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America; July 27-31; New Orleans, Louisiana.

Klips, R.A. and C. Lin. 2012. Pollinator visitation of co-flowering prairie milkweeds and a method to assess the effect of clone size on outcross pollination rates. Paper presented at Botany 2012. Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America; July 7-11; Columbus, Ohio.

Lin, C. and R.A. Klips. 2012. Pollination ecology of Asclepias sullivantii, a Midwestern prairie endemic plant that depends on exotic honey bees for pollination. Poster session presented at Botany 2012. Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of America; July 7-11; Columbus, Ohio.

Klips, R.A., P.M. Sweeney, E.K. Bauman and, A.A. Snow. 2005. Temporal and Geographic Variation in Predispersal Seed Predation on Hibiscus moscheutos L. (Malvaceae) in Ohio and Maryland, USA. American Midland Naturalist 154:286-295.

Klips, R.A. and T.M. Culley. 2004. Natural hybridization between prairie milkweeds, Asclepias sullivantii and A. syriaca: morphological, isozyme, and hand-pollination evidence. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 165:1027-1037.
Klips, R.A. and J. Peñalosa. 2003. The timing of seed fall, innate dormancy, and ambient temperature in Lythrum salicaria. Aquatic Botany 73:1-7.

Prairie Restoration

prairie harvest

Projects centering on Prairie Restoration:

  • Bryophyte establishment in newly restored prairie
  • Plant nutrition and community composition
  • Biotic comparisons between natural and restored prairies

Focal publications in restoration ecology include the following:

Averett, J.M., R.A. Klips, L.E. Nave, S.D.Frey and P.S.Curtis. 2004. The effects of soil carbon amendment on nitrogen availability and plant growth in an experimental tallgrass prairie restoration. Restoration Ecology 12: 568-574.

Klips, R.A. 2004. Newly developed analytical tools used to compare a restored prairie with a remnant in Marion County, Ohio. Ecological Restoration 22:99-105.

Klips, R.A. 2003. Vegetation of Claridon Railroad Prairie, a remnant of the Sandusky Plains of central Ohio. Castanea 68:135-142.

Averett, J.A., R.A. Klips and P.C. Curtis. 2002. Reverse fertilization reduces cover of weedy species in tallgrass prairie restoration (Ohio). Ecological Restoration 20:127-128.

Klips, R.A. 2001. A campus nature center: a community environmental education resource. Association for Regional Campuses of Ohio Journal 7:117-122.